The Time Has Come For an Ancient Crunch

Our Story

We love chips, but we never liked the sluggish feeling after eating them. We looked everywhere for chips made with real, good-for-you ingredients, but we couldn't find any.

Our requirements were pretty simple:

  • The corn had to be naturally grown and the tortillas traditionally prepared.
  • They had to be free of inflammatory and artificial seed oils.

Since no one was making chips properly, we decided to do it ourselves. And thus, MASA — the first tortilla chips made with organic corn and grass-fed tallow — was born.

We care about the Crunch as much as our health, so we've worked hard to make sure that the MASA is more satisfying than any other chip on the market. We're proud of what we've made and we hope you enjoy it!

Why are Seed Oils Bad?

You may have noticed more people talking about seed oils. Leading nutritionists tell us that they are at the root of much of modern inflammation and disease. Seed oils cause inflammation and disease because they are mostly composed of Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs). PUFAs react very easily with oxygen at any temperature. In the body, this means that they deplete your antioxidants (for example Vitamin E). As a result, you feel sluggish and negative after you consume them.

In the longer term, seed oils/PUFAs become stubborn fat that you just can't lose, because the body can't use them for anything positive. As a result, seed oil heavy diets can lead to excess weight accumulation, which makes it hard to feel and look your best.

What Makes Grass-fed Tallow So Good?

In addition to being absolutely delicious and the most sustainable way to fry, tallow is very good for you! Grass is very nutrient dense, but we're not well built to digest it ourselves. Fortunately for us, cows are.

Healthy cows, eating their natural food (grass) will store huge amounts of nutrients, making grass-fed tallow an incredible source of vitamins and minerals. Grass-fed Tallow is:

1. An excellent source of true vitamin A (retinol), which is essential for good skin health

2. A souce of other important fat soluble vitamins D, E, and K2

3. A source of choline, palmitoleic acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which have functions for nervous system health, anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial immune function

What is Nixtamilization?

“Nixtamalization” is an ancient process used over thousands of years by the Aztecs to improve the healthful effects of eating corn.

It involves boiling the corn with naturally occurring minerals, which makes the corn more digestible, reduces mycotoxins which commonly affect corn, and makes nutrients like Vitamin B3 more bioavailable.

The result is a healthier, tastier food that maximizes the nutrient potential of one of the world’s oldest crops.

Where can I buy MASA?

MASA will be shipped to your door anywhere in the US (and Canada and EU soon) when you buy through this website.

However, if you live in LA, MASA is also available at Erewhon and Ferm Farm.