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MASA Original
MASA Original
MASA Original
MASA Original
MASA Original
MASA Original

MASA Original

No Seed Oils
No Pesticides
No Preservatives

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MASA are classic tortilla chips handmade with only three natural ingredients organic corn, grass fed tallow, and sea salt. They are 100% seed oil and pesticide free.


Free shipping on all orders of $75+. And if your pantry is running low, check out our larger boxes. The bigger the pack, the more you save. With a subscription, you'll get an additional 20% off too.


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Organic Corn, 100% Grass-Fed Beef Tallow, Sea Salt.

MASA Original
MASA Original 5oz / 4-Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Seed Oils Bad?

You may have noticed more people talking about seed oils. Leading nutritionists tell us that they are at the root of much of modern inflammation and disease.

Seed oils cause inflammation and disease because they are mostly composed of Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs). PUFAs react very easily with oxygen at any temperature. In the body, this means that they deplete your antioxidants (for example Vitamin E). As a result, you feel sluggish and negative after you consume them.

In the longer term, seed oils/PUFAs become stubborn fat that you just can't lose, because the body can't use them for anything positive. As a result, seed oil heavy diets can lead to excess weight accumulation, which makes it hard to feel and look your best.

What Makes Grass-fed Tallow So Good?

In addition to being absolutely delicious and the most sustainable way to fry, tallow is very good for you! Grass is very nutrient dense, but we're not well built to digest it ourselves. Fortunately for us, cows are.

Healthy cows, eating their natural food (grass) will store huge amounts of nutrients, making grass-fed tallow an incredible source of vitamins and minerals. Grass-fed Tallow is:

1. An excellent source of true vitamin A (retinol), which is essential for good skin health

2. A souce of other important fat soluble vitamins D, E, and K2

3. A source of choline, palmitoleic acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which have functions for nervous system health, anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial immune function

What is Nixtamilization?

“Nixtamalization” is an ancient process used over thousands of years by the traditional Mesoamerican cultures to improve the healthful effects of eating corn.

It involves boiling the corn with naturally occurring minerals (namely limestone), which makes the corn more digestible, reduces mycotoxins that commonly affect corn, and makes nutrients like Vitamin B3 more bioavailable.

The result is a healthier, tastier food that maximizes the nutrient potential of one of the world’s oldest crops.

Is it non-gmo/gluten free/keto/kosher/etc.?

MASA is...

  • 100% gluten free (not certified though),
  • 100% nut free,
  • 100% dairy free (for now... we're working on a cheese flavor!),
  • NOT vegan,
  • NOT vegetarian,
  • Non-GMO,
  • Not organic, but the corn itself is 100% certified organic,
  • Not Keto/low carb,
  • Not kosher or halal,
  • And most importantly, 100% SEED OIL FREE

Is MASA organic?

MASA is is not certified organic. However, we have sourced organic ingredients where we think it matters, and have intentionally sourced our non-organic ingredients where we think they are better.

Specifically, organic tallow is not required to be 100% grass fed, and grass fed is more important than organic, especially since most high quality cattle ranches are not certified organic.

The corn is 100% certified organic, which is very important since conventional corn is commonly sprayed with the worst pesticides.

Lastly, our only spices which are not certified organic come from Burlap & Barrel, which sells perhaps the highest quality spices anywhere, since they buy them directly from small artisanal farms globally.

We know the CEO— he literally flies around the world to meet the generational spice farmers he sources from and inspects their farms.

Most of these farms are in countries where the economics of certification are cost prohibitive, so while they aren’t certified, they are still grown naturally, which is what actually matters.

What is tallow?

Tallow is "rendered beef fat"-- basically, pure fat without any proteins or connective tissue. It's basically bacon grease, but from a cow.

Tallow has been used for millennia for many purposes, from soapmaking to candles, food and cosmetics.

However, after about 70 years of falling into disuse, tallow is regaining popularity because of it's quality fatty acid profile, nutrient content, and natural, unprocessed origins.

Is your tallow grass fed?

Yes, the tallow we use is 100% grass fed (which means grass finished too!)

There are no additives either-- it is 100% pure tallow.

What's the shelf life?

About 120 days from the date of production.

This is shorter than most seed-oil based chips (which last 9+ months), since seed oils are chemically deodorized to prevent you from noticing the effects of oxidation.

Tallow of course is not made with such artifice, and therefore have a shorter shelf life.

We doubt they will last that long in your pantry though ;)

Are they made in an allergen-free facility?

The MASA (and soon to be VANDY) flavors are the only products made in our owned-and-operated facility. You won't see "made in a facility that also processes ten different allergens" on our labels.

However, we do not have any allergen certifications, and therefore encourage all customers with allergies to exercise caution when consuming anything made outside their home.

Are there any preservatives?

No, we don't use any chemical preservatives (or artificial flavor additives, like citric acid or yeast extract).

However the bags are packed with nitrogen gas which replaces the reduces the oxygen content to prevent oxidation and rancidity. Importantly, this does not affect the chemistry of the food itself.

Isn't corn bad for you?

GMO'd and sprayed with toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and folic acid; indeed, most conventional corn is among the least healthy foods you could eat.

However, it is this common but low quality corn that is the problem-- not corn itself.

When corn is both nixtamalized and organic (like MASA), many health and wellness experts find it to be one of the most digestible carb sources available.

No pesticides, no mycotoxins, no GMOs, no artificial chemicals, fully digestible, and delicious-- what more could you ask for?

Is MASA low fat/calorie?

MASA Chips have similar calories and fat content per oz. as most other corn tortilla chips.

However, studies have shown that people will eat hundreds more calories per meal before they feel full when the fat comes from seed oils, as opposed to a saturated fat like tallow or butter. This excess calorie intake makes it incredibly hard to lose weight on a diet full of seed oils.

That's why our customers commonly tell us they end up eating fewer calories of MASA before they feel full, compared to typical tortilla chips.

Will it spike my blood sugar?

Although we haven't conducted a formal study (yet), many of our customers who also use CGMs have told us that they don't see a noticeable spike in blood sugar after eating MASA.

The combination of whole grain corn and saturated fat should not cause a spike like many of the carbs you're familiar with.

What's your shipping and return policy?

Ground shipping is free on orders over $75 to the lower 48 states--this applies to both one-time and subscription orders.

We can't offer refunds on food items, but send us an email if something's gone wrong and we'll be happy to replace it.

How long until I get my MASA?

We make MASA fresh by hand each day.

We will usually ship orders within 1-3 business days, but sometimes it can take a bit longer, especially if we get a lot of orders all at once!

Depending on the shipping method and location, it can take 1-5 days from the ship date to arrive at your door.

Where can I buy MASA?

MASA will be shipped to your door anywhere in the US (and Canada and EU soon) when you buy through this website.

Check our store locator to see if MASA is available in stores near you yet!

Why does the bag have so much air in it?

Our bags are puffed up to help protect the chips from breakage during the shipping process.

Rest assured that our bags contain the number of ounces that it says on the front, no matter how big the bag might appear.

How can I save on MASA?

There are a few ways to save on MASA:

  • Bigger bags are cheaper per chip
  • Bigger boxes are cheaper per bag
  • Subscriptions are cheaper per box

If you are a serious MASA fan, as many of our customers are, then you’ll find pretty significant savings subscribing to a bigger box of bigger bags.

Why are they so expensive?

MASA Chips are made by hand every day with the highest quality, purely natural ingredients sourced locally from small producers.

There's a reason no one else makes food with ingredients like ours--doing it this way is expensive, from the labor to the materials, and it's all factored into the price of our chips.

We set out to create nothing less than the perfect chip, and if that's what it takes then so be it.

Fortunately, we do have subscriptions that allow you to keep your pantry full of MASA at a lower price.

How will my order be packaged?

We pack all our bags tight into cardboard boxes to prevent the chips from breaking during transport.

We also use paper tape to seal the boxes, unlike the toxic and wasteful plastic that is commonly used.

Please note, that if you order multiple flavors or boxes, they may arrive in separate shipments.

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142 reviews
  • TH
    Teshara H.
    Verified Reviewer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    6 days ago
    Clean, crunch & killer taste

    My family loves Masa and my toddler ate a whole bag on her own! (she loves tortilla chips) It’s so nice to know that if she does that I don’t need to worry about her, I’ve been giving some to close friends and they love them too.

  • L
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago
    Masa Chips

    I used to purchase my favorite chips in Illinois, but moved to Arizona recently. I wasn't able to find a chip similar to the one in Illinois. I came upon a Facebook ad and decided to try the Masa chips. I have to say, they are even better than the ones that I initially purchased in Illinois.

  • AA
    Augusto A.
    Verified Reviewer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    2 months ago

    Crunchy. Clean Ingredients. Delicious. My daughter loved them.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Seed Oils

The Best Chip Money Can Buy

Have your chip and crunch it too.

Unparalleled, Nostalgic Taste

As satisfyingly crunchy as your favorite junk food chip, but even better. No "health food" taste here— just the tortilla chip, perfected.

So Natural Your Great Grandma Could Make It

Made exclusively with ingredients that have been around forever. No industrial seed oils, preservatives, pesticides, or fake flavors—just naturally traditional snacking.

Sturdy Enough for Dipping

Spice it up with salsa or give it a little more kick with some guac. Never worry about MASA breaking apart—consider it the perfect dipping chip.