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MASA Collegiate Crew

MASA Collegiate Crew

By Ancient Crunch

Learning to enjoy your life, improve your health, and maintain impeccable taste is part of an elite education not afforded to many. But School of Crunch grads are well prepared.


As you get ready for the next step in your education, it's time to put on the Collegiate Crew, adorned with the iconic MASA monogram and a slogan which subtly sums up the attitude of our alma mater, crunch et veritas -- "crunch and truth" in latin (sort of).


Made in the US with 100% heavyweight cotton fleece, it is sure to keep you warm during the winter semester while you wait for summer break to begin.  


Sizing: Unisex, see the photos for fit. MASA model in Grand Central Station is 5'9 wearing M. Model with mittens is 5'4 wearing S. Model on the green is 5'4 wearing S.


Only 100 made; secure your crew while supplies last.

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Good to know


MASA now comes in flavors!

We use only real ingredients for our seasonings, even if we have to make them from scratch. Check them out here.

Starter Packs

New to MASA? Dip your toes in...

Check out our Starter Packs - they ship free to the lower 48 states

Shipping Policy

Free shipping on orders of $75 or more to the lower 48 states.

This applies to both one-time and subscription orders.

We can't offer returns on food items, but send us an email if something's gone wrong.

How long til I get my MASA?

We make MASA fresh each day. We will usually ship orders within 3-5 business days, but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

A chip for people with taste

Both delicious and seed oil free.
Have your chip and crunch it too.

Organic Corn

Almost all corn grown in America is sprayed with harmful pesticides, which aren't good for you or the environment.

Our corn is organically grown by small regional farmers, resulting in a chip that is good for both you and the planet.


To make tortillas the traditional way, you need to turn corn intomasa harinausing an ancient Central American process called nixtamalization.

Our tortillas are nixtamalized naturally, the same way the Aztecs did it. This makes the corn easier to digest and the nutrients more bio-available.

Grass Fed Tallow

There are many oils you could make chips with, but only one option stands above the rest: grass fed beef tallow.

We use tallow because it's delicious, non-inflammatory and full of fat soluble vitamins. Traditionally used by the best chefs for 100s of years, it is completely natural and unprocessed.

MASA is the first and only tortilla chip fried in beef tallow, and the proof is in the crunch.

About Us

We love chips, but not seed oils. So we created MASA, the first chip that both tastes great and leaves you feeling your best.

We're a small team and we hope you'll enjoy the crunch as much as we do.